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Kitchen Tips and Reusables

Bread Tags

Once you’re done with your bread, you’re probably done with your bread tags. Most people don’t think twice before throwing the tags out with the bread bag (or maybe, the crusts, too!) There’s more that a bread tag can do than hold a bread bag closed, though.

You can use your bread tags to keep your cords organised, by clipping them together — or by writing notes on the tags, and keeping them as reminders.

These days, the soft plastic bags that many breads come in can be recycled by companies such as Melbourne based REDcycle. Simply return your bread bag, along with other soft plastics to your local supermarket!

Aluminum Foil Boxes

The details on the box we can often ignore because we have gotten so used to them (and then there are the details we miss entirely). These details can give us useful little tricks because we never think to look. Hidden in plain sight. One such helpful details can be found on most boxes of aluminum foil.


On the side of the box, you might find a little tab that you can push in. It’s simple enough, but it holds the roll of foil in place. That makes it much easier to unroll a sheet and tear it off, solving one of the frustrations of using foil.

Now, which side to use facing up? The shiny side or the dull side?Aluminium foil is made shiny on one side and dull on the other by heavy rollers used to roll out the foil in the manufacturing process.

Your choice, shiny or dull side up, only makes a little difference during cooking.

The difference is very minimal as the shiny side reflects some heat away. If you are baking something on a low heat for some time, such as a Christmas Cake, then make sure the foil is shiny side down/facing away from the mixture.

If you use the foil with the shiny side facing in however, it can be easier to peel away from your baked goods.

In the freezer (which way, shiny or dull side, in or out) it does not make much of a difference.

But one thing to watch out for when using foil for storage is for that it is not great for the storage of acidic foods. Often, a chemical reaction can take place when acidic elements come into contact with foil. You may have noticed this in the past, with foil turning black or leaving holes in the foil. It may be harmless, but best avoided.

Aluminium foil can be re-used in cleaning. There’s more hints and tips for re-using aluminium foil here at the Sustainable Living Report site.

Now, if you have kids, you can of course use the cardboard tube for craft!

There is plenty of fun to be had, just look up CARDBOARD TUBE CRAFTS for KIDS! … and if you’re a big kid and love getting crafty, take a look here at these crafts from Country Living!

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Recycling Other Packaging

In Australia, the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) system to help us dispose of packaging correctly.

So, if you are not going to re-use it, have a look for these symbols on the packaging and dispose of them accordingly.

So, when disposing of packaging you can look at that detail on the packet to determine the best way to dispose of it.

Visit Recycling Near You for more information.