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November 13, 2020

Kitchen Tips and Reusables

Bread Tags Once you’re done with your bread, you’re probably done with your bread tags. Most people don’t think twice before throwing the tags out with the bread bag (or maybe, the crusts, too!) There’s more that a bread tag can do than hold a bread bag closed, though. You can use your bread tags to keep your cords organised, by clipping them together — or by writing notes on the tags, and keeping them as reminders. These days, the soft plastic bags that many breads come in can be recycled by companies such as Melbourne based REDcycle. Simply return your ...

October 28, 2020

How Long Does Bread Last?

One of the Most Popular Foods Around the World is Bread Bread is made from wheat or alternative grains, plus yeast and other ingredients. Typically bread stays fresh for only a short period before it starts to go bad. It may even grow mould and become unsafe to eat, so it’s helpful to know how to keep it fresh for as long as possible. This article explains how long bread typically lasts, how to tell whether it’s safe to eat, and how to increase its shelf life. What is the Shelf Life of Bread? Many factors influence bread’s shelf life, which is the length of time it ...


Do you own or manage a restaurant, cafe or bakery? How do you maintain food safety standards? If you're a restaurant owner, then you understand how critical it is to your business reputation and longevity to serve and prepare your dishes without any contamination. Meeting specific standards ensures safety and if you have been in business for some time you are sure to already have an understanding of your requirements to abide by specific laws, rules and regulations. The food service industry is under pressure to lift and maintain food safety standards now more than ever. In the SME ...